East Campus

2500 Sq Foot Fab Lab

13,000 Sq foot fabrication space for year round construction

Aquaponics facility

Model site for Living Building Challenge technology development

Intentional Community for Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Leading the transformation of an undeveloped parcel into a solution. The group in need of the solution develops as co-producers of the physical, social and financial solution.

  • Residential housing units for a community of students and supporting adults
  • Intensive integrated agricultural production
  • Intensive integrated agricultural production
  • Operational localized green infrastructure for Living Building Challenge (LBC) standard energy capture, water capture and use, “waste stream” processing and local nutrient recycling
  • Community workshop incorporating a Fab Lab for digital fabrication
  • Community center for common and collective use.

Creative Village - Training and Development

  • Educational Center for 5-12 grades plus young adult workforce development
  • Training Center for Digital Fabrication and Agroecology including full certification programs in conjunction with
    • the Fab Academy and MIT Center for Bits and Atoms for Digital Fabrication, expanding the current full training center we currently operate
    • Permaculture networks for Agroecology certification
  • Community business incubation space integrated with the Digital Fabrication, Agroecology and high school internship programs
  • Intensive agricultural production based on sustainable urban systems serving institutional and retail buyers.
  • 10 LBC standard locally developed housing units establishing a small integrated “creative village” functioning in concert with the production and educational spaces
  • All facilities will be LBC standard and will be evaluated for certification
  • Infrastructure sized to provide support to surrounding community